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TRUSCEND® Jointed Crankbait Suspending Lure

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2.0in/5cm - 3pcs
2.8in/7cm - 3pcs
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  • Truscend® Newest Jointed Crankbait - This crank bait considered by many to be the best running glide baits, the all-purpose crankbait is equally effective whether cast or trolled. The swimbait is crafted with super durable dual stainless steel hinged joint connection, lightweight and durable plastic body construction enhance the action.
  • Surf Suspending Swimmer - The Truscend jointed swimmer can suspending on strike zone just like the real thing, it is just too much for even the wariest fish to resist. It features a large diving lip that helps them dive quickly, this jointed construction produces a much wider wobbling action than most crankbaits. They are also engineered to sustain a true running depth and maintain their action for the majority of the retrieve.
  • Drive Any Hungry Predator Wild - The Truscend Fishing Lure has a faint rattle chamber creates a light knocking sound as well that provokes strikes without spooking carefully fish. Reflective body laser design, which achieve a realistic bionic fish scale effect. The translucent body makes the fish's body as transparence as a diamond underwater, sparkling in the refraction of sunlight makes it easier for fish to find the bait in dirty water.
  • Truscend Exclusively Designed - The Truscend jointed jerkbait are also fitted with super sharp BKK hooks, 3D eyes, top-of-the-line paint schemes, loud internal rattles, and textured scale pattern finishes. The Truscend jointed swimmer borders between lure and work of art, available in multiple sizes and a range of colors, they are sure to be your new favorite crankbaits.
  • Highly Versatile Performance For Every Angler - This Truscend Jointed Crank baits are most effective when retrieved slowly, where they can give off the illusion they are travelling quickly. They can be widely used to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, yellow perch, walleye, crappie, pike, muskie, sunfish, roach, snook etc. This swimbait is quite suitable for both inshore saltwater & freshwater fishing and functions well in all water layers.

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