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TRUSCEND® Craz Crankbait Fishing Lures Saltwater Freshwater

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2.5"/0.50 oz - 3pcs
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TRUSCEND Craz Crankbait Fishing Lures , it's just like a real fish swimming in the water when you retreive the lure. We use Dyneema® fiber which makes its more flexible and lifelike swimming action. It also has ultra-sharp treble hooks and well-painted colors. Each pack is 3 pieces. Amazing value, don't miss.

  • Oscillating Stainless Steel Bill - TRUSCEND Super Crankbait is fitted with an oscillating stainless steel bill, as the bait effectively tunes itself on each cast. And the jowls embedded into the bait, which creates an aggressive hunting action with a clicking noise that is unlike anything the fish have seen before. This crankbait diving depth is 0-3.2ft.
    Highly Reflective Stainless Steel Bill - The reflective billl gives off a life-like flash, piques fish hunger and curiosity. Further more, its round-shaped bill also helps create a super strong vibration and gives it the ability to wildly deflect and be fished over heavy cover.
    Two Segment Crankbait - Jointed crank bait is designed to produce stronger vibrations and greater turbulence, more attractive to predatory fish. With a seductive wobbling action, it can target offshore hangouts, weedlines, and deep river channels and you’ll have fish on the line in no time.
    Noisy Maker Crankbait -Two opposing metal blocks are embedded in the lure, and when the tail is swinging, the blocks collide to produce a clattering metallic sound. The lure contains tungsten balls in the center as well as the tail, which makes a sound when the lure swings and also generates long distance casts.
    TRUSCEND Swim Crankbait Does Something New - It is combination of chatter & swing. Swing in the water with the chatter action, makes the current bigger, and the fish more aware of the presence of their prey.

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