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TRUSCEND® Topwater Bass Lure Plopper Lure with Double Blade

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3.1in/8cm - 3pcs
3.7in/9.5cm - 3pcs
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Truscend® Double Blade Plopper Lure is one of the best selling topwater fishing lures, it has a small size, perfect for catching every sizes of fish. Double blade design, extra weight on the belly. It can creat huge water blowup when across the surface. Small but steady and noise, It's really hard for bass to resist it, a must-have topwater bait.
  • Unique Double Blade Design, Bult-in Metal Block for Long Casting
  • Huge Water Blowup, Perfect Size Catching Everything
  • Durable Material, Rust-Proof and Sharp Treble Hooks
  • 3D Realistic Eyes, Well-Painted, Reflective Coating
  • Great Quality & Amazing Value 

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