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TRUSCEND® Lipless Crankbait Fishing Gift

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3.2in/8cm - 3pcs
2.8in/7cm - 3pcs
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  • Collectible Fishing Gifts: This exquisite and gorgeous-looking bait is of great collection and ornamental value. It is definitely an indispensable collection bait in your fishing tackle box and display stand, which can also be used as a collectible fishing gift. This high-end lure is a irresistible fishing gift that you can't refuse, especially for fishing enthusiasts. The slogan on the bottom of the lure represents our pursuit of excellent quality, which can shine through purple light.
  • Revolutionary Design: The fish-in-fish design symbolizes the vitality of life, making you fall in love with fishing. Equipped with realistic painting and gorgeous laser light, the texture of the fish body is clearly visible. Through the abdomen perspective window, you can see an small exquisite zinc alloy, polished and electroplated fish inside. So you can adjust the balance of the lure body to make its swimming action more perfect and greatly increase the attraction to big fish.
  • Excellent Streamline Body: Perfectly combined with the aerodynamic principle, the blade bait has small wind resistance and strong flight power, which can easily achieve ultra-long cast against the wind. The lure is suitable for a variety of fishing methods and speed so that the fishing rate is several times higher than ordinary blade bait. We can call it the gospel of the lure lovers, especially for beginners.
  • Absorbing Swimming Action: This blade bait is fast sinking in the water, and always keeps a graceful swimming action. When dragging underwater, the tail of lure exhibits a frequent vibrating motion from side to side. Meanwhile, built-in three layers of rolling rattles keep colliding and making a buzzing sound to achieve the best lure fish effect. This weedless lure stands vertically under the water when suspend, showing the state of a tumbler.
  • Ultra Sharp Hooks: Made of exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality BKK hooks with sharp barbs, bringing strong penetration, non-dull hook tips and corrosion resistance performance. The fishing bait is suitable for all kinds of fish and water, a almighty of blade baits.

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